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10 Reasons why you should have your Fireplace Serviced

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1. Mineral deposits can permanently etch your glass door if it is not cleaned regularly. Gas fireplaces use ceramic or tempered glass that can be expensive to replace.

2. Over time, deposits can build up on the gas fireplace burner and plug up the burner holes. This
can cause delayed ignition and or sooting. Both of these conditions can damage the fireplace.

3. Dust, dirt and insects can infiltrate your fireplace, blocking gas passage ways that will cause the
unit to burn inefficiently or worse, not at all.

4. When the on/off switch does not activate the main burner or the fireplace turns itself off.

5. If the fireplace has been dormant for 2 or more years, a thorough cleaning and check up is highly recommended before you test the unit.

6. The fan / blower is noisy.

7. When the gas fireplace pilot will not stay lit.

8. The carbon monoxide detector goes off during fireplace operation.

9. Every gas fireplace manufacturer recommends an annual cleaning and inspection. This
maintenance is essential to maintaining the efficiency and safety of your appliance.
10.Enjoy peace of mind that your gas fireplace has been inspected by a certified technician.

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