Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What's the best way to go about purchasing a new fireplace?

The best way to begin searching for a new fireplace is to know your details first before you begin.  This means you should know what your fuel source will be (ex: gas, wood, electric, etc.) as well as a general size option that you are looking for.  Also know what type of fireplace you are looking for in terms of style (ex: modern, contemporary or traditional.)  Having this information ready makes it extremely easy to view our catalog by adjusting the filtering options using the right hand filter panel.  Simply click what fuel type, style and size fireplace you are looking for and our filter will narrow down your options.

Can I purchase online?

At the moment, the option to purchase your new fireplace directly on our website is not available; though we are working on integrating this option in the future.  To purchase your new fireplace you must contact one of our agents, who will assist you in making a final decision in terms of pricing, style, and functionality in your home depending on your fuel source.  Our agents are available to speak with Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm at +1 800-925-7868.

How can I get a quote?

The best way to get a quote asap from one of our agents is to fill out our easy to use step by step “GET A QUOTE” form.  This form was created to make it extremely easy for customers to send us their information with just a click of a button and will walk you through all the details we need from you in order to process your quote.  Be sure to have any drawing, design plans, inspiration photos and current project photos handy as there is a module that allows you to upload your files to better assist our agents in the quoting process.

Is there a warranty?

Yes! Each unit comes with a manufacturer warranty that is specific to that manufacturer and unit which can be found in the product manual sent to you by you agent.  Be sure to speak with your agent to understand the term of your units warranty.  Under the installation of an Imperial Hearth technician your unit is covered by Imperial Hearth for 1 full year after the date of installation.

Do you do installations?

Yes! Our team of professionals are passionate about their work and will educate you on your new fireplace as well as install your new unit and tag it with the proper certification.  Our installation personnel are all G2 certified by TSSA and fully licensed to operate gas unit installations.  Note that we do not do fireplace pre construction, finishing or electrical work, and you will need certified and licensed personnel in these trades to complete your installation depending on your unit. 

Do you do fireplace servicing?

Yes! Our team of technicians do servicing year round to ensure your hearth is working at its highest efficiency.  Servicing starts at $299 and up depending on the size of your unit and venting. 


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